Alessandra Noir

There are many perks to running a dirty underwear site, and I love them all. Watching the girls change in and out of their used panties, smelling their skin and their hair, feeling the softness of their skin and the firmness of their titties just to name a few.

Alessandra NoirBut, my all time favorite perk is when I find out during our pre-shoot interview that my model is new to sex with girls. My panties get wet just thinking about it. This was the case with Alessandra Noir.

Alessandra and I flirted the entire day, especially as I helped her put on and take of her used lingerie. At first things were slow and smooth, my fingers would accidentally graze across her nipples. My thumb would by chance slide across her clit.

The passion rose until I couldn’t take it anymore. As I was helping her change her panties I slipped my tongue over the outer side of her pussy. She arched up toward me, and I ate her sweet little pussy until she came all over my face.

Am I a lucky girl or what?

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