Amber Chase

As soon as I saw Amber Chase I knew I had to have her (over). After all my years in the industry I’ve gotten pretty good at seeing a girl and knowing whether or not she’s going to look good in front of the camera, and whether or not I might just have a little bit of fun to go along with it!

Amber ChaseWell my instincts were dead on when it came to Amber Chase… Whether Amber was looking at me through the camera lens, or staring down at me with that dirty, sultry look on her face while I tasted her sweet pussy it seemed to have the same effect on me. I just got weak in the knees. I mean if you had her staring up at you while she sucked your cock wouldn’t you??

Amber and I had so much fun that day that I think I will definitely have her back so we can spend some more “quality time” together. The camera may be there again, but it just might be for my personal library this time. Amber Chase, one of my favorite notches on my bedpost!

Check her out guys, you will definitely NOT be disappointed!

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