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What can I say about Amber Lynn Bach? Whether you’re a Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn or Amber Lynn Bach fan, you’re going to just LOVE her!

Amber Lynn BachAs she says:

I started dancing in 2002, and found I enjoyed being around others and making them feel good. Whether it was to get them hot and bothered or to just listen and be there as a friend. I had such a great time with it that I decided to start modeling. I was modeling (glamour, bikini and fetish) by the summer of 2003. I was going to the bike events around Florida, which was a blast! You can meet so many wonderful people there. I started doing more and more that through one of my modeling portfolios someone found me. That’s when I started with the websites… I learned as much as I could. I wanted to show off for everyone. My fantasy is being with women, as you can see, but will never give up my men!! As being someone that always wants to please who she is with, is to give them what turns them on! 🙂 It’s a must to keep the relationship spicy!

Oh speaking of Spicy! 🙂 I do like to cook. I like to try new recipes. However, I do always go back to my absolute favorite. Enchiladas!!! It’s something my mother taught me and I can never seem to find anyone else that can make them anywhere near like hers! I do love a great filet mignon, fish, chicken, pork, grilling out with friends is the best!! It’s so relaxing when you can have an awesome day, invite a bunch of friends to come by with some food and drinks and just enjoy.

I do love to go shopping!! What girl doesn’t?? Hot new shoes are a way to my heart. I love new lingerie! It’s always so hard to find things that will fit my 32DDD’s! I want to do a few pics and vids in catsuits as I know that would show off my curves! Whether its leather, PVC, spandex, it doesn’t matter… I find them to be quite hot!

I am also a mother to my two animals as well. I have a Teacup Yorkie (London) and my Tonkinese kitty (Holiday). Yes I have a thing for the British… ya think?

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