The sun was high in the sky as we pulled onto the gravel parking lot.  I looked for a parking spot and finally found one.  The lot was surprisingly full for such a small town in the middle of nowhere.  The rumor goes that Taft stands for Tweakers And Fat Tourists.  From what I can see my son and I are the only exceptions to the rule. Today is my son’s 16th birthday.  I’m beginning to wonder if I chose the right gift to give him.  My maternal instincts are kicking in.  But, I promised my son two things for his big day – skydiving and I stop smoking.  I suck up my fears and usher my son towards the lobby area.  I want a cigarette, and wish I hadn’t stopped smoking this morning.  We sign in, fill out paper work which basically states that if we die it’s our own fault, and take a seat.  I doubt my decision again.

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