Blame It On Ginger

Ginger’s Biography in Radio

Over a decade ago I began guest hosting on Playboy’s “Night Calls” radio show. I remember the first time they asked me to come in. It was like my first time in front of the camera. I was comfortable, I was real, I had an absolute blast! I remember when it was over I thought, “I can do this!”

Where else could I be both funny and filthy? Naughty and naked? Silly and slutty? … (OK, there are other places I could do that but you get the idea.) After that first show I decided that this was going to be the next chapter of my professional life. I anticipated a boat-load of fun, and boy was I right! …

It didn’t take long before I was the permanent guest host, and not long after that I was hired on as the host for the Playboy channel on Sirius/XM. When Playboy started their new channel, they asked me to create a new show and I personally launched the channel with my own show, “The Jerk Box.”

Eventually, all the rules and restrictions became a bit cumbersome to say the least. You can be naked (on radio, woo hoo) but that’s it. Don’t have any fun, don’t be too naughty, and worst of all, don’t have any orgasms! Seriously? I have hot naked pornstars in the studio and I can’t do anything with them? Well that was enough for me …

gingerWorkingI wanted the freedom to be as naughty as I wanted. I wanted variety. I wanted mainstream actors, comedians, directors — and I wanted them all interacting with naked pornstars in the studio.

Oh, and I wanted it to be FREE.

Thankfully, there’s a medium for that in these modern times called a “Podcast” (which sounds like something you use to try and catch really big fish back home, but that’s not the point). … Come to find out, I hit this Podcast thing like I have attacked every other thing in my life: I hit it like it had never been hit before.

My show hit number 2 on iTunes in its first couple months and I’ve never looked back. And I have no plans to ever start. …

gingerLaterNOW, for example, you can listen to each and every one of those shows for free, here at Just hit Free Audio on the menu (or right there), and you can dawdle (and diddle) your way through every two-hour show. …

Should you wish to see the video feeds, well, it turns out that’s expensive to serve, but we set up a pretty cheap option to become a subscriber. You want to see the shows — including all the naked porn stars (and other folks)? Well, read about all the other stuff we throw in free, and JOIN the Nudity.

Why just recently you could have seen one of my co-hosts, Nina Hartley, give a live handjob. Watch me make Kelly Nichols squirt, slather some condiments in clever places, shove a variety of snack foods in all sorts of orifices, and generally have the time of my life while testing everyone’s boundaries. See it all — literally — in the members area.

Orgasms, Pussies and Boobies — OH, MY!!

Who knows what the future holds? I just know it’s always going to be fun.

Ginger Lynn

Cum inside! … You know, so to speak …