Britney Young

I had Britney Young on my radio show on Sirius/XM and as soon as she walked in the studio I knew I had to have her over to my house. I mean look at that face…look at those gorgeous titties…Fuck look at her entire body!!! Who wouldn’t want to have her?

Britney YoungWell, Britney told me stories about all the naughty films she’s made, and all the naughty things she’s done. And if you haven’t seen any of her films, check them out and you’ll know what I mean…

Britney brought over all sorts of dirty old pairs of panties, bras and other things and I got to play “dress up” with her, take some pictures, and then I got to play “un-dress up” with her.

That’s my favorite part of shoots…

And probably yours too!

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  1. By God Ginger you are so,so f”ing right Britney is a complete 100 I love being ” up close and personal ” with her running my finger thru that great blonde hair thanks again for your post luv u

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