The hotel’s restaurant is located on the top level of a two-story building, featuring floor to ceiling windows overlooking the pool and hot tub below it. The table we reserved with a view is ready for us when we arrive.

Lexi orders a bottle of champagne to celebrate my twenty first birthday, which we finish off before we bother to order appetizers or dinner. We’re both feeling a bit tipsy when we finally order our meals along with a second bottle of champagne.

I feel like I’m on a date, which is weird to me as I’m out with another girl, rather than a boy, but I like it. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s sexy. It’s natural. We finish our food and drinks, order another bottle of champagne, (this time to-go), pay the bill and head down to the hot tub.

Ginger Lynn and Lexi VogelGinger Lynn and Lexi Vogel

As neither of us brought along a bathing suit, we have no choice but to skinny dip. Putting on individual sexy little shows, we each take our time undressing for each other; all the while the lucky patrons in the window seats of the restaurant above getting their own free girly show.

Giggling and flirting we lower our naked bodies into the warm water of the hot tub and begin to kiss again. One of the jets is gushing forced water against my lower back, which takes me back to my very first orgasm in a bathtub. Without really thinking about it much, I stand up, turn around and place my pussy in front of the spurt. Lexi sees what I’m doing and finds a jet of her own. We look into each other’s eyes as we have orgasm over orgasm over orgasm.

I’m on my fourth or fifth orgasm I’m rudely interrupted by two busboys, each holding a beach towel, standing awkwardly in front of me, desperately trying to find the appropriate words to tell two naked girls that they need to stop what they’re doing. A few unintelligible sentences fall out of one of their mouths. Although it’s hard to tell exactly what they’re saying, Lexi and I both know it’s time to leave. So, in true diva fashion, we both rise out of the water, step up onto the concrete and wait for the boys to drape us in fluffy white beach towels.

Once we are covered sufficiently, or rather barely, each of us chooses a busboy to kiss. The boys, of course are dumbfounded, nervous and turned on all at the same time. It’s impossible for either one of them to conceal their hard-on, which in itself is a turn on for Lexi and I.

Ginger Lynn and Lexi VogelGinger Lynn and Lexi Vogel

All good things must come to an end. Lexi and I walk back to the condos and end the evening with one more long, passionate kiss.

She was well worth the wait.

— In Memoriam, my Dear Friend. When we meet again, I’ll let you do my makeup one more time.

Upon reading the title, I completely understand why your dirty little mind immediately conjured up a small, comfy room, covered in thick plush carpeting — which rests below a baby oil coated, translucent plastic tarp. Eight, beautiful bare young women of assorted sizes and shapes slip and slide, kiss and tease, bite and sample the girl in front of them (or under them, or on top of them, or in their mouths or in their pussies), all the while swapping each other’s spit, saliva, sweat and juices … often unable to identify which of their lovers they are feasting upon.

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I’ve read with great interest the recent revelations of sexual abuse and accusations of rape against Harvey Weinstein. While I have never personally met Harvey Weinstein, I have worked in both the adult and mainstream industries, and I think I may have a somewhat unique perspective on what’s happening at the moment — particularly when you throw into the mix the recent banning of Ron Jeremy by the Exxxotica Expo. The first of what I hope are many such actions.

I think the differences between what has recently happened around the allegations about each of these men is more informative than the similarities. And I want to explore those differences here.

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One of the many wonderful and exciting “jobs” that I regularly undertake is that of porn star photographer for my website Taking erotic photos of the girls is just one of the many responsibilities I’m accountable for when it comes to composing an auction. I’m also the set designer, the stylist, the babysitter, the house mom, the therapist, the best friend, the boss, the editor, the shipper, the receiver and the one accountable to the girls … and the fans who love them. It’s a job that I mostly love, rarely hate and somehow always seem to get turned on by. It may seem glamorous, sensual and stimulating, and most often it is, but there’s always the exception(s) to the rule. 

So let’s talk about what it’s really like being behind the camera shooting some of the most beautiful women in the world in all their glory. For the most part I’ll leave out the stars’ names to protect the innocent and the guilty, but a few of the extraordinary ones must be mentioned.

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When the going gets sexy, the sexy get going … and boy-o-boy have I been a busy beaver lately!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my boyfriend, Nick, and I returned from an amazing two-week holiday in Amsterdam, and we’re finally just about over our seemingly never-ending jet lag. So, now it’s time to fill you in on what’s up and what’s been up.

ginger travelsginger travels

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