Well, I got onto a bit of a roll here, so I plowed through some old interviews, got some inspiration, and now we have the next 25 in the series. As you can see, I called them Additional Ginger Facts, but they’re really more just fun-facts. If you don’t have fun in life, what’s the point?… Continue reading

Shame on …!

by Ginger

My first autograph signing at a convention was at the McCormick Center in Chicago in 1984, and my dad worked as my bodyguard/assistant. I remember being a bit taken aback, as the line turned out to be eight hours long. As you might imagine, I felt thrilled, and I spoke to each and every person, happily giving them each an honest and sincere conversation. I treated them with respect. I felt grateful that they had found pleasure in my work. I didn’t necessarily feel like a celebrity, but the fans treated me as if I were one, and it meant the world to me.

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I moved to California late in 1982 following the death of my grandfather, and that situation probably had more to do with Early Ginger than anything else. Prior to my move I was an assistant manager at a record store called Musicland in Rockford, Illinois. Because of this experience, I landed a trouble-shooting position for Musicland in Southern California. I ended up managing seven stores, and was in charge of getting the stores out of the red and into the black. Although I loved my job and was very good at it, the 70-hour a week work load and the relatively low salary left me lonely, with few friends and (worse) not enough money to cover my bills. Continue reading