Daisy Ducati

Daisy Ducati is a fierce fetishy princess with an insatiable appetite for all things kinky. A lifestyle switch and fetishist, Miss Daisy has a lot of tricks up her shiny latex sleeves. With over ten years of fashion and commercial modeling experience, Daisy has hit the ground running upon entering the realm of adult video production just one year ago.

Daisy DucatiWhen Daisy walked through the door of my home my heart skipped a beat. Usually when I’m with a woman I’m the aggressor, but with Daisy I knew I’d have to take the back seat or at least shift it up a bit. Daisy took charge from the very start. I took her upstairs to my bathroom, and she immediately grabbed me by the back of the hair and pulled me down to her sweet pussy. I licked and worshipped her pussy until she came all over my mouth.

Much to my surprise Daisy once again grabbed me by the back of my hair, but this time she pulled herself down and began to bite my neck. She worked her way down to my wet pussy and gave me an orgasm that I’ll never forget. That’s just the way we started the shoot.

For the next three hours Daisy and I teased and touched. We giggled and played with each other like teenagers. She came and came and came just for me and you.   Enjoy…I know I did.

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