Emily Kae

If you like a total runway model with a naughty nasty streak then Emily Kae is the girl for you! She’s tall, with legs that go on forever. Perfect little titties, beautiful shaved pussy, and a face and attitude that just draws you in… Emily is the epitome of classic model sexiness

Emily KaeOh, and did I mention that she fucks like nobody’s business? At least that’s how I would describe it,  and I know more than a few volunteers whoe would be willing to test that hypothesis any time Emily feels ready — you know, purely for scientific purposes. They’d probably test it few time, just to be sure.

And trust me when I say her pussy tastes so sweet! Now I know why all the guys love to fuck her so much! Because I do too! What’s not to love…Just look at that body! It doesn’t get any better than this guys!!


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Emily has retired from public life, but watch for Updates on: @BlameItOnGinger

Total Photos in Members’ Area: 544

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