Everybody Love Ginger

Ok, so the title may make me appear to be a bit full of myself, but I’m just stating the fact that on this particular night it seemed that everyone did love me. That night was the 1985 XRCO Awards held in Los Angeles, California, and by the end of the evening it really did feel like someone set up a “Everybody Go Out and Love Ginger” night. 

Having been nominated for three awards, “Starlet of the Year,” “Video Vixen,” and “Female Performer of the year,” I was to say the least overwhelmed and petrified.  I’d only been in the adult film industry for a bit over a year, and I was nominated in the top three female categories.  My competition was fierce, and I had no expectations of winning any awards. None.

The amazing Kimberly Carson and Tim Connelly presented the award for my first nomination.  Amber Lynn — who was the award holder — was dressed in a full length red-sequin gown.  I wore my best yellow polka dot dress (from Sears, in Rockford, Illinois) and did my own makeup.  Everyone seemed as though they had done this a thousand times before, and I felt like I didn’t belong there. I may have been a ferocious fuck on film, but in this arena I was definitely out of my element.

As Tim rattled off the names of the nominees for “Starlet of the Year” who included Tanya Lawson, Traci Lords, Tanya Rea and me, I stood in the back in my polka dot dress and felt myself pee my panties just a little bit — something I do when I get nervous.  When Kimberly Carson announced the winner as Ginger Lynn my knees went weak.  I approached the stage feeling like I was about to be beheaded.  My acceptance speech was simply brilliant — in a 5th grade way.  I took the stage, and said to the large crowd, “Thank you very much. … Just thank you very much”.  That was how I felt … grateful … and thankful … and shocked.

A moment later I found myself on stage again, this time to present the “Male Newcomer of the Year.”  I don’t remember all of the nominees, but as one of the nominees, Tom Byron, was the first person I’d ever had sex with on film. I was secretly hoping that he would be the winner. … And he was.  I was just as excited if not more that Tommy had won than that I had a wooden heart of my own.  One with my name engraved in the shiny brass plate on the front.

To make a long story short, I also won the awards for the other two categories I was nominated in, “Video Vixen” as well as “Female Performer of the Year.” (Well, of course. This would not be nearly such a fond memory if I’d only won one and lost two.)

It was a special night that I will never forget.  I didn’t feel that I had done anything “special” to have won the awards.  My secret was (and is) that I love sex and I love what I do, … And the fans seem to enjoy what I did as much as I did.  What better gift could a girl get than that?  Again, “Thank you very much … Just thank you very much.  I do it all for you.”

And, I get to cum as well — a lot…. Tee Hee …

(Members can actually see my little parts from the video of this night too. Plug. Plug. …)

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