Gia Dimarco

GIA DIMARCO is the HOT Italian girl of your dreams. I met Gia the other day on the set of Showtime studios Dave Attell Show where I was getting ready to do an interview. The first things I noticed as she walked towards me were her long legs. She had these little short shorts on and her legs just seemed to go on forever! As my eyes traveled up her body and I took in her flat tummy, large titties and perfect face I knew I had to have her.

Gia DimarcoI grabbed her by the boobs, and massaged her pussy through her shorts as I sat in the makeup chair. It was so fucking HOT! Well we made a date for her to come over to my house two days later and she did NOT disappoint…

As she writhed around my house in her underwear I just thought I was going to die. She is simply stunning, and if you haven’t seen any of her films, well then you’re really missing out! Go and check them out right now! Gia IS sex…and I had her. And let me tell you, her pussy tastes SO sweet, and her titties feel like heaven.

There’s nothing like looking down and seeing her face between your legs with her back arched down and her naked ass in the air as she eats your pussy (or sucks your cock I suppose). But she has a magic tongue…

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