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A Taste of Ginger Lynn in Photos

As you might imagine from a woman active in the movie industry since the 1980’s, we found a closet that has Ginger Lynn photos that span the generations. Considering that much of her memorable work appeared in an unclad state, the photos in the members’ area reflect that situation. We do try to be cognizant of potentially sensitive eyes in the free area, however.

A Quick Note on Ginger Lynn Photos

Oddly enough, Ginger has maintained a keen awareness of her history from her very first days on set. As you might expect, the members’ area includes a vast array of shots inappropriate for an area of the web where eyes of any age might run across them, but should you decide to take a $20 plunge, even you might be surprised at their breadth — and their breasts. Fortunately for those just wishing to browse for free, Ginger also likes zoos a lot, and as far as we know, you can’t find a nudist zoo anywhere, so she always wore clothes when visiting them.

Finally, we should clarify the “unclad state” characterization: Technically most of the photos probably occurred in the state of California, but you know what we mean. We do encourage you to JOIN, however. You may be happy to know that Ginger almost never lets us get away with painful puns. If they hurt too much, you might beware of the (membership included) Risque Communes, however; even some of the photos can have puns over there.


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  1. By far Ginger, you are my all time favorite actress, and so unbelievably sexy. Plus it helps that my girlfriend is a splitting image of you. Thank you beautiful

  2. do you sale dvds and bule-ray movies and porn movies of you for sale? if so ware can i get them
    love Eric Repp

    • Sorry, but I don’t Eric. I’m sure you can find them somewhere out there in the ether though!

    • Well check my schedule when you can. I do a handful of conventions every year. And I love to meet my fans. It’s like a little vacation for me…

  3. I haven’t seen you in many years since I know you don’t tour anymore. but you are still and always will be a close friend. Have a very merry Christmas you and your son. and when you are in Columbus or anywhere in Ohio restb assured I will be there cheering you on.


  4. Greatest porn star ever & one of the most beautiful women ever! She was always into it, really into it, or just a great actress, and her moans, groans and squeals seemed real unlike the totally fake noises which most female porn stars utter which causes me to turn the volume down. Her lesbian scenes r unbelievably hot, especially the ones with raven! Incredible body, beautiful face, great outfits. I remember a scene where she had 2 dicks in her mouth,one in her pussy and one in her ass & she acted like she still wanted more! Now that’s a porn star! She is and was very exciting. She seems like a really cool chick, too; an artist; a celebrity, an actress in regular movies. Rock on, ginger!

    • You “nailed me” David. I truly did enjoy the adult scenes. Wouldn’t have done it otherwise. And I do love women too. I mean, why wouldn’t you?? And I love my life now as an artist and mainstream actor. I have at least four films this year that I’m doing. I seem busier now than I was “back in the day”, and I absolutely love it!!!
      So thank you again. You’re pretty cool yourself.

  5. Ginger, I watched your videos in the 80’s and I fell in love with you. You were my favorite then and now. You had many, many three ways with my wife and I, only you didn’t know it. You were my image of the “perfect” woman and lover.

    • I’m glad I know I could be there Donnie! You flatter me… Say hello to your wife with warm wet kisses!!!

  6. I have always loved your movies. I loved when you were on satellite radio. I once won a pic of you signed bit my cell phone cut out and when I called the satellite radio back they did not answer. My wife and I both love your movies. They have inspired many a sweaty fun night for us

  7. After so long I’ve discovered about you. As a MILF lover I can say that you still rock, and your mature anal scenes are unforgettable! Love ya. Cheers from São Paulo, Brazil.

  8. Love you so much Ms. Lynn. I’m your admirer from Malaysia. Hope to meet u here someday. It will be my best time in my entire life is i meet u here up closed and personal… Muuuaahh

  9. Hey ginger met you at rock and shock Friday night was a total pleasure meeting you your awesome. I don’t know if you remember me I was the 24 year old fan with the megadeth shirt on we talked for a while and you told me make sure I come back and see you on Saturday sorry I couldn’t make it was tottaly bummed about it was looking forward to it I hope I get to meet you again that was a dream come true.

  10. Just wondering if Tank is doing better. From one dog rescuer to another I know what you are going through, I got banned from 3 vets with Mandy my Shepard mix until I got her under control.

  11. I think she is the most beautiful woman on the planet!!! I have wacked off to her videos ever since I saw her in the late 80s. She is breath taking.

  12. The first time I saw Ms. Lynn was w/a lady friend. She is exquisite, THEN & NOW… what ever she’s doing she should bottle it.

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