The Ginger Lynn Home

Six Naked Girls having Sex in my house

Does it get any better than that? The Ginger Lynn house is never dull, let me tell you! I had some of the biggest names in the business over to MY HOUSE to shoot a live streaming sex video with all of them on the internet (for free). And since it was me, and I was the host, I have to admit that I jumped in more than a few times. … Do you blame me? I mean it was Ash Hollywood, Dillion Harper, Jenna Ivory (the current cover girl for Penthouse and Pet of the Month for June 2015), Madelyn Monroe, Scarlet Red, and Marley Blaze. Who wouldn’t dive into the middle of all that???

Enjoy these shots from that night. All the nudie and naughty ones are available only in the members area &helllip; and trust me, they are amazing!! (You’ll never forget the ones of Scarlet Red, Jenna Ivory and Ash Hollywood in the inflatable pool filled with oil …)

At the Ginger Lynn Home (for real)

For the record, if you JOIN the members, you will see perhaps an equal amount of fun, but significantly less clothing. Ok, basically no clothing and a lot of sex too….


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  1. Enjoyed your art. It inspired me to get some crayon pens and a draw pad for my mOM the joy of creatingis good for the soul .glad to see you survived the 80s.

    • Thanks Wil. I love painting now. I used to just do it for myself, but now it’s a whole other part of my life. And I’m so thankful that it speaks to people still. I have art pieces literally hanging all over the world, in private homes, and the covers of rock CD’s. Makes you feel really good as an artist. I still remember when another artist bought one of my pieces. It’s just such validation and I’m humbled by it. Art to me is just another way to express my creative side. I’ve found many ways to do that over my lifetime. Adult, Mainstream, Radio, Writing, and now my Art. I have a lot to express, and I love that I continue to have so many ways to do it. Keep drawing!!!!

  2. Ginger you are the most beautiful woman period. Inside and out. Thank you for giving fans of the adult industry the best body of work we could ask for. You’re amazing and I love you dearly. Thank you.

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