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When I sat down to create this site, it was like a walk down memory lane because I have literally thousands of photos from my entire career. I’ve been collecting so long that even though the newer shots are in digital format, many, many more are original chromes — from the original photo shoots — dating back to 1982. These are just a few of the “delicate-eyes-safe” examples, but in the members’ area you’ll see all the explicit photos from all the shoots!

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  1. Hi Ginger, I’m 39 now and from Portugal….I grow up watching “a few” of your movies and there’s one i have never forget….However I lost it and all i can remember is that it was a movie where you and your girlfriends are travelling in an RV and it includes the famous scene with the guy at the gas station. You were with your friend “Lori”….it’s as far as i can rememeber! So…can you tell me the name of this movie and IF and WHERE can I still find it! That was awsome! Thanks very much and still love watching you in your recent movies! Gorgeous i must say! Big kiss! and I shall be waiting for your reply! Bye…

  2. Hey Ginger,Just wanted to say that I Friggin’ Love U N UR Work(Always have!)…You were always one of My All-Time Favorite Adult Film Legends…And You still look Pretty Amazing n Just as Beautiful Today….Sincerely,RonnieRonn.

  3. Hello Ginger,

    Just saw “Life after Porn Ends 2” and I am completely awestruck by your take on life. I am sorry, I did not know much about your work or you before this day, but I can recall I had seem you in a couple of scenes when I looked up “Retro/ Vintage” porn. You had excited the industry before I was even born, but the way you are living your life now, makes me want to travel to America and hug you (alas! the tickets are expensive, :-p). I just wish if you had been my mother or my elder sister, someone whose blood would run in my veins, I would have considered myself to be blessed to have shared your traits. I wish you all the best for you and your ventures.

    You are awesome!!

    Koushik N
    Kolkata, India

  4. Hi Ginger, i grew up watching you and stil to this day when i get the urge you are the girl i turn to to help release me… i was always drawn in by your beautiful eyes and the way you gazed into your partners eyes as you were sucking on there dicks.

    You just drew me in (and more than likely all guys who watched your films) with the way you made it seem you were making love rather than just fucking.

    The one thing that i found many yrs ago and havent since made me cum out of control was when you told a guy to cum inside you and just the way you said that blew my mind and instantly made me cum .. now im trying to find that film again i had thought it was ginger on the rocks but i cant even find that film any help would be appreciated xx and ty for giving me some great movies to masturbate over

  5. Hello Ginger !!
    You are still exciting, charming & stimulating. I know, I am far away from you but whenever I look your pics, I am stimulating. Live long as charming & sexy

  6. Just watched Metallica’s Turn the Page video. You were awesome on this too !! I’m talking about the uncensored version.
    I truely was in tears at the end of it. Very tough story.
    Thank you for the emotions, Ginger. You’re a such GREAT and wonderful woman/actress !

    All the best.

    Oliver (from France)

  7. Dearest Ginger, is there any way that you would come to Australia so that all your fans and admirers, who like me have had a crush on you most of their adult lives, could meet the girl of their dreams?

    • I would love to come back to Australia! I have some wonderful memories of my time down under. If you have any horror movie conventions there just have everyone let them know that you’d like to have me there. I’d love to start doing more international conventions!

  8. Dearest Ginger, Good Morning love ! How nice I found your website. Well, let me tell you about myself and how I bumped into you….. I think it was 1981 0r 1982 and back then we had BETAMAX and VCR’s ….hehe…. how the times has changed. Anyway, my buddy Pete was a big fan of yours and he turned me onto you…..from then on, it was LOVE at first STING ! I could not BELIEVE there was a women so GORGEOUS as you in porn. First thing I said was…..why is this women in porn???? Why is she not in the motion picture business ??? It made no sense to me hun. I felt after seeing your movies that you should be doing big time FILMS. You had a great voice, you could act and most importantly, you were and STILL ARE…..extremely fuckin HOT ! I always had a serious crush on you. I think I even had a few WILD dreams about you but, we wont get into that here…lol.

    Anyway sweetie, I am so glad you are doing well and please…..please allow me to say that YOU are still JUST AS PRETTY as you were in 1982. AMAZING how great you still look.
    Well, would like to talk more but more on a private level…….However, Im sure you are very very busy and probably dont have much time for me so, I will wish you well…..always the very best that Life has to offer and hope that God watches over you always.

    Take care sweetness…..E mail me anytime you like…..always and forever, Long Islands BIGGEST GINGER LYNN FAN……NO ONE CAN COME CLOSE ! LOL…

  9. How can one get a copy of your first loop? Also, I met you in Indianapolis back in 1997. You were extremely nice and we chatted about Rockford (I am originally from Freeport), the movies and Cheap Trick.

  10. saw ur movies back then and up till now i have not seen any one as hot and real as you bcs i must shoot too much loads to you whenever i watch your movie

  11. Ginger I saw you at crazy horse in early 90s. Will never forget i was highest bidder on your underwear after last dance and won them. Got a kiss on cheek from you too.i was on cloud 9 that night. Luv ya.

  12. I came across a site the other day that had some still photographs of you and John Holmes taken on the set of “Girls On Fire”. There where a number of photos of John having sex with you in different positions that I didn’t remember from the film. I got out my copy of “Girls on Fire”(yes I got it from you) and watched it again. The actual penetration scene was only 5min 30sec, I thought you two where hooked up longer than that. It may be because I always had the scene on slow motion or that repeated it 2 or 3 times ………. OK 15 to 20 times! Is there a way you can get your hands on the uncut video? Also how long did you a John have sex to get that 5min?

    Mark G

  13. Hay ginger thanks for the reply and so soon your the best your biggest fan and 8 feel like an online frend know thanks ginger love big Jim the gym rat.

  14. Just won’t to thanks ginger your still sexy as ever and by far the coolest classiest to ever perform going be frend till the end ginger keep up the good work baby your a goddess to wership .can wight to get my hands on your book sound awesome. My only regret is never getting to meet you had an invite from a frend back when VHS tapes were still being rented out to to a porn conversation in Chicago back in 85 but got in a motorcycle accident never got to see I mean fuck the rest I won’t ed to meet the best.oh well this works too .true love always big jim the gym rat.

  15. Over the years I have heard you talk about a number of movie stars you have slept with like Charlie Sheen and George Clooney. On one of your internet radio shows you said you were going to tell a story about meeting Milton Berle and how big his dick was. I lost my connection and never heard the story. Was Milton Berle really as big as John Holmes?

  16. Ginger,

    I’ve been a big fan of yours pretty much from the beginning. The first video I saw was “Ginger” and I’m pretty sure it was a fairly new release at the time. I know it wasn’t your first, but had to be close as it was the year you started. Besides, assuming IAFD is correctly reporting your birthdate, you’re only a few months older than I am, so you couldn’t have been making movies for long.

    Anyway, you were always one of the prettiest and sexist women around. The perfect balance of classy and nasty. Sexy voice, sexy body (what is it with the girls today that think they have to be so top heavy they can’t stand up to be sexy? Sorry, but I prefer natural, and yours were always a 12 on the 1 to 10 scale.

    I heard a comment you made some time ago about how the industry has changed. I have to agree. So much of it isn’t really about sex anymore, it’s about guys trying to see how much they can do to a girl without facing assault charges. Some of the videos are just to gross to watch. There isn’t even a plot anymore.

    Thanks to your auction site, I was finally able to purchase my own autographed vhs copy of “Ginger” after several years of searching.

    So thank you for the many great videos you made with some great costars. Just wish that style would catch on again.

    • Thank you Terry for all the kind words. You’re right though. Back when I was making films they were true films. Movie scripts with sex scenes. Real budgets and real acting. A plot and everything! It’s just really tough to make money doing those these days in the internet era. Maybe one day we can get back to that, but I’m not holding my breath…

    • I’ve heard about the problems there, even some of the girls talking how their pay has been cut steeply because sales are so low do to all the sites allowing free, illegal downloads. To many people don’t stop to realize that besides stealing, its taking away the money rightfully due the studio and consequently the stars.

      I think its more than just the scripts and profit loss though, its the attitude of the actors and actresses. I grew up in an age where guys don’t hit girls. Period. Didn’t matter how much you thought they deserved it, you just don’t. A slap on the bottom or something like that is one thing, as long as she’s ok with it, but the face slapping, shoving their panties in their mouth as a gag. Sad thing is, its to easy to tell yourself she’s just acting. But ya know, in many cases I seriously think she’s in pain but can’t just walk out because she wouldn’t get paid. Too many stories of guys that ignore the code word that is supposed to me STOP!. The guys need to respect the girls. Unfortunately, there’s not much of that, even in society. The girls need to learn to respect themselves enough to tell the guys to cut it out and if they don’t a well planted knee can be very convincing. Sad thing is, a lot of them grew up in an environment where abuse was all too common so they’ve convinced themselves it’s normal to be hit and be forced to do sex acts no matter how unnatural and/or painful they might be.

      Give me the older films any day. One that always comes to mind is Anytime, Any Place. There is a beautiful love story woven into it. There’s some newer ones that are good, but I really don’t care to watch the ones where the girl is being verbally and physically abused. I guess the guy thinks it makes him look tough. He needs to get a clue, it just makes him look like a worthless wimp. Has to beat up girls to be a man? Yeah, right.

  17. Ginger, I have been a huge fan of yours since the mid 80s! You have been, and will always be my all time favorite adult entertainer! Sure, I still watch some of todays adult videos, but they are nothing like the classics! They have no heart! I know you were in it for the money back then, but you also gave the movies you were in LIFE!! These “entertainers” of today don’t know how to give a scene life! You were truly the Queen of 80s porn! And I must say that I definitely went through some kleenex and toilet paper on those night that my gf didn’t come over! Thank you for all the sexy memories!!!

    • Thank you so much Richard! I’m glad you enjoyed my films and that I could “lend a hand” so to speak….

    • My only regret is that I never got to meet you in person. That would’ve been the icing on my cake!!!

  18. as a lesbian couple we enjoy your work very much. we saw you making love to amber lynn today. let me say that my beautiful wife squirted while i was massaging her clit while watching you. you insoire our sex life and we love you very much. i´m a great fan since i was a teenage girl and it had a with you to do that i came out as a lesbian. i know it sounds unfair, but when i made love to a girl (and there where a lot) i often thought of you and my orgasms have been very intense. i met my beloved annelie and we enjoyed your beautiful work very much. thank you for heating up our clits!!!
    you are so wonderful!!! hugs and kisses, kati and annelie…a lesbian couple from germany…

    • Hugs and kisses right back to you! Glad I could be there with you two, if only in spirit…

  19. Ginger, you are my new favorite MILF!! You are hotter than girls my age(25) and I have been jerking off over you since I discovered you last week! I bet I have cum 50 times! My cock is rock hard now as I type this! I love watching you fuck young guys! Time to stroke!

    • Funny you should mention that. I was just discussing picking my book back up just yesterday! Stay tuned….and we’ll see how it goes.

  20. Thank you for your reply…we are going to make love now. It´s very sunny here in germany and my naked lady is smelling very horny. Writing to you and thinking about you made me wet. I will squirt for you. A thousand kisses from a lesbian couple that loves you!!!

    Katerina & Annelie

  21. You are the best! Because of you I found out that I´m a lesbian and I´m very, very happy with that.
    The first movie I saw was with you and Amber Lynn and it made me so horny that I squirted the first time. I was 18 and totally in love with you. I often imagined you when I licked a girl.
    I live with the love of my life for a long time now. You still inspire our sexlife.
    Thank you and a thousand kisses.

    • OMG I just LOVE that! Thank you. Next time you’re going down on your love, know that I would love to be there with both of you!!! And believe me we would have FUN…I’m pretty good at licking pussy!

  22. Hi, I saw you back in the late 1980’s at Rick’s Lounge in Fayetteville, NC, while I was stationed at Ft. Bragg. Do you remember Rick’s Lounge?

  23. Ginger, even though I wasn’t born until the 90’s, but I wish I could go back in time to 1984, so I could shoot thousands of loads to you! 😉 Because porn today isn’t what it used to be back in the day, IMHO

    • Yes, the industry was totally different back then. We made real movies and we had a great time too!!

  24. Recently saw you getting help from cesar milan for your baby….
    You are just as Beautiful as time past.
    Ginger I thank you for who you are and who you will always be.

  25. As a 50 year old bank executive, I can honestly say that growing up, you were my actress of choice. Class, Charismatic and of course, erotic as hell. Thanks for the memories. Tom

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