The Ginger Lynn YouTube Channel

After too long of a wait, I’ve finally put together the Official Ginger Lynn YouTube Channel which (I hope) makes up for in interest, what it lacks in clever name appeal. YouTube may never be the same again!

More than that, though, it gives people a free taste of the starlets that sit down with me before a Ginger Lynn Auctions shoot. Obviously I didn’t want everyone to have to visit two places in order to keep up on what I post for non-members, so I had this page built just for you. (By the way, there are also naked interviews and (also naked) behind the scenes videos on the members site, you know, if you like that sort of thing. …)

If you’ve ever listened to any of my radio shows over the last decade plus, you know I can really get the girls to open up about what they do. And what they think. And what they like. (And their legs, but that’s another story …)

Well, anyway, I had my (at least potentially) great “Ginger Lynn YouTube Channel” structured so that now it makes it a lot easier to share even more openly to everyone. Trust me when I say you’ll learn a thing or two about some of your favorite porn stars (and maybe me) along the way. And while this may not be The Best Thing — because that would be joining the membership ranks, obviously — it could be the next next best thing. If you can’t have the best … well, I can’t remember the rest. I have always prefered the best, personally.

Ah … The Best Thing … Naked Interviews … Behind the Scenes Parties and Play. … Oh, and the photos! We have lots and lots of photos. And video. Did I mention all the exclusive video? … I get distracted very easily, but I do pay daily attention to the “available only to members” updates. What’s the point of feeling special if you can’t share that feeling? …

I should say that I do absolutely LOVE doing the interviews and learning all about the girls, though, no matter where the clips will show up. Other than seeing them naked, it’s my favorite part of shooting. … So here you go. Subscribe to the Ginger Lynn YouTube Channel and you’ll never miss any of the free interviews I do of some of your favorite porn stars!

You might just learn something! Or just get excited. It’s up to you, but I would suggest doing both.

Finally — because we have zero problem with blatant self cross-promotion — we should make it easy to find Ginger Lynn Auctions right from here, should you find any of these stars worthy of further, um, inspection. …

Ginger Lynn on YouTube

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