Jacky Joy

There’s just something about Jacky Joy. I’ve had Jacky on my radio shows a lot over the years and she has always been an absolute blast. She’s young, blonde, vibrant with titties to die for. I had Jacky over last year and couldn’t wait until she came back to town so I could have another go at her. Well trust me I did!

Jacky JoyJacky showed up sporting a bit of a new look, and a body right out of a magazine. She had sexy pink highlights in her hair and a new lip piercing that I couldn’t wait to feel on my clit…and let me tell you this look works on her. And as if that wasn’t enough, she has been working out like a mad woman and her ass and body are spectacular!! It took all my will power not to dive right in all night as she wandered and rolled around my house in and out of her sexy underwear. Well, my willpower does tend to cum and go so I wasn’t exactly a good girl the entire time. Oh and the lip piercings? I was right. They feel GREAT on my pussy!!

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