Jasmeen Lefleur

Jasmeen Lefleur pounced through my front door like a panther. She wrapped both her arms around me and planted a big kiss on my lips. Now, this was no ordinary kiss…it was epic. The shoot was off to a great start, and I couldn’t wait to taste her pussy.

Jasmeen LefleurWe moved into the living room for a pre-shoot interview so that I could, and you can get to know her better. She shared that she loves sex and blow-jobs, and is one of the best pussy lickers around. She pulled up her shirt and showed me her beautiful titties. I touched and caressed them both as my pussy became moist. We chatted for a few more moments and then headed up to my bedroom. Things only get better from there.

Jasmeen as it turns out is an excellent pussy licker, and hers tastes like peaches and cream. Of all the wonderful ladies I’ve had the chance to shoot, Jasmeen Lefleur is by far one the sexiest and sweetest of them all. I’ve had the chance to taste her, and I highly recommend her juices.


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