Jodi Taylor

As a natural redhead myself (my name is Ginger after all), I have a sweet spot for them. Well there are very few that turn me on as much as Jodi Taylor. I had her on my radio show on Sirius/XM and got to play with her a lot that day. Well she was pretty much up for anything! I knew right then that I had to have her over to my house to shoot. At least I told her she was cumming over to shoot…

Jodi TaylorIf you can’t take advantage of the cute young girls what’s the point, right? Well, let me tell you, Jodi was very willing to be taken advantage of. I dressed her up, I had her get naked, I spit on her pussy, I rubbed her pussy…I totally had my way with her. I can still smell her on my fingers!

I emptied her bag of old, dirty cum stained bras and panties she brought over, and as an afterthought we’re going to offer them to you.

Smell her, taste her…

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