Joslyn James

What can I say about Joslyn James other than WOW!!! Not only is she one of my best friends and lovers, but she’s one of the most well known girls in the industry. Oh, and being one of the porn stars Tiger Woods was fucking didn’t hurt either…. I have to say Tiger, you have great taste!!!

Joslyn JamesJoslyn is a trained classic dancer as well. Watch her do ballet and you’ll just simply be amazed! And let me tell you she has learned to transfer those moves to her on-screen performances. If you haven’t already watched her, check her out and you’ll see what I mean.

Joslyn is also one of those few girls that was able to transition from adult to mainstream, appearing in many TV shows over the years. IMBD says;

Joslyn James was born in upstate New York (Amsterdam). After college, she became an immediate adult entertainment star and sensation, appearing in approximately 20 films. Her extensive career in the mainstream limelight has included numerous, high profile television shows, magazine and promotional appearances including: VH1, “Celebrity Cheaters”, Vanity Fair, Allure Magazine, Playboy, Howard Stern, E! Entertainment TV, The Travel Channel, Dr. 90210, Sin City Diaries, Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, Queer Eye, World Series of Poker, 944 Magazine and Las Vegas Weekly, to name just a few.

Most recently, Joslyn has been seen on Extra, The Joy Behar Show, Fox News, CNN, Geraldo at Large, Inside Edition, Playboy Online, Hustler Magazine and in the public eye speaking out about her romantic relationship with Tiger Woods.

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