Lexxxi Nicole

If you like that youthful look, big double D titties, and tats to top it all off, then you’ll fall in love with Lexxxi Nicole!

Lexxxi NicoleI mean she just has that look, you know? Young, but with the big boobs, nice ass, and literally maybe the tightest pussy I’ve ever seen! Guys used to complain about how tight it is when they were fucking her. You just don’t hear that very often. But let me tell you, it’s true. Sliding one finger in, no problem. Trying to get two in? That really takes a little more work guys!

If you can last more than just a few minutes fucking her before you cum, well then I’ll be impressed!

Listen to my interview with her on my YouTube channel, and you’ll hear about her first adult scene ever — a gangbang if you can believe that! Now that’s a baptism by fire!

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