Mika Tan

If you haven’t heard of Mika Tan, then I don’t know where you’ve been! Mika is one of the most popular fetish and hardcore pornstars out there today. With her sexy and sultry looks it’s no wonder. Part Japanese, part Taiwanese, and part Samoan all combines in Mika to give her the smokin’ looks you’ve come to know and love. I know I do!

Mika TanMika came strutting up to my front door the other day with armfuls of her favorite well worn and dirty items. Well it didn’t take her long before she was naked and modeling all those naughty things for me. After awhile I remembered to grab my camera and got to work documenting it all for you. There’s just something a little “distracting” about Mika. The closer I got to that sweet pussy, the more I just wanted to dive right in! And so I did…a couple of times!

But that’s just who I am…

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  1. Mika oh Mika what a tasty looking dish indeed I could also ” dive ” right in and eat her sweet pussy My favorite thing to help please my dates its so much fun for both parties INDEED

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