Nikki Charm

Back in the early to mid-1980’s when porn was innocent and the girls who were in porn were anything but, there were two tiny little blondes who were but passing pussy’s on the box covers of some of the hottest adult movies ever made. Ginger Lynn (that’s me…tee-hee) and Nikki Charm never had the chance to slip, slide, slurp, taste, tickle, tantalize, eat, suck or fuck each other. That is until now…

Nikki CharmWhen I left adult there was a search to find the “next Ginger Lynn”. Well guess who won? Nikki Charm!! I had just left and Nikki came in and just became huge. Since I was out of the business and Nikki has making a name for herself, we obviously NEVER EVER had the chance to work together.

Well on this night HISTORY was made! Never had Nikki and I been together. Not in a photo shoot. Not on film. Not anywhere, ever! This is the first and only photo shoot, dress up and play date, kissing, fucking and sucking extravaganza ever to be seen of me, Ginger Lynn with Nikki Charm. We did it for us, and we did it for you. Enjoy the photos, the auctions and the goodies…I know I did!!

Nikki showed up at my front door wearing short-short blue jean cut off shorts, a white t-shirt with no bra and fuzzy house slippers. She looked just as sexy, hot and cute as I remembered her. And, now was my chance to get to know her the way I had always wanted to know her; inside and out. It took me just shy of two minutes to get her cute little ass naked. And, Nikki made her naughty intentions for me known right from the start. Let the games begin.

From my big room, to my kitchen counter, to my fireplace, to my sofa, to my floor, to my man pit, to my naughty bin area, to my stairs, to my bathtub, to my guest room and in the end to and in my bed she teased me. She played with her sweet pussy, she pinched her nipples, and she masturbated over and over again. She fucked herself with my toys. She squirted on my panties. She let me lick her pussy. She told me to spit on her pussy. I tongue and finger fucked her. We fucked each other with my favorite double headed dildo. She tongue fucked my asshole. I spanked her. She pulled my hair. I came in her mouth. She came in mine. That was just the first couple of hours. We played all night. And, she left me wanting more.

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  1. I’m guessing you had plenty of fun with Nikki. As I recall she was like porn’s answer to the nuclear bomb. What she lacks in height she more than makes up for when she explodes with sexual energy.

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