Nina Hartley

There are just a few girls in the adult industry that I can truly call friends. A few that I go all the way back to the golden days of porn with. That’s goes back almost 30 years, to when I first met Nina Hartley. And Nina and I never had sex until 26 years later. I had no idea what I was missing!

Nina HartleyWell Nina came over the other day and let me dress her up and take naked pictures of her. She also brought along some of the most wonderful classic items from those same golden days of porn. For those of you who are fans of Nina, you’ll find some things that you just may recognize coming up for auction in the next few days! And I got to take the pictures!!!

Well we spent a very hot few hours taking pictures at my house. Then we spent a very hot few hours without the camera… Maybe next time we’ll take pictures of that too!

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  1. Thank you everyone for the comments. It’s so funny because I just shot Nina again last week and am editing the photos right now! Such a wonderful lady and friend.

  2. A still beautiful, sexy lady photographing another still beautiful sexy lady. Who could ask for more. Do any of you guys/gals remember being knocked out by these two girls when “Ballbusters” came out. I think there is a signed copy of this DVD on the auction site. If you haven’t seen it, that’s the way to go.
    If you don’t remember the perfect-ass Nina asking John Leslie “where do you want to start?” as they climbed onto the bed, or if you don’t remember Ginger giving a legendary POV deetphroat to the lumberjack in “Ballbusters,” don’t miss this opportunity, go for it.
    In any event, if you do not want a Nina Hartley worn item photographed by Ginger Lynn, there is no hope for you. Make your move, now. I am a fan and collector. Ask yourself,”Will this opportunity ever present itself again?” Answer – no. Go for it if you want it.

  3. Nina is definitely another one of my favorites from the 80s! 2nd to you of course! She had an ass that was made for just holding on to, amongst others things as well! And she is still as hot today as ever!

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