Randi Wright

I have to say that I LOVE Randi Wright! I had her over to my house and let me tell you that she must have brought every one of her used and dirty bras and panties! She’s worn them in her movies, she’s worn them dancing on stage all around the country, and now she’s worn them in my house in front of my camera…If you know her work, and I know you do, then you’ll recognize many of these items from your favorite films!

Randi WrightAnd it was fucking hot! I smelled her panties as she showed them to me, and them I smelled her pussy up close and personal. And let me tell you that if you want to smell Randi’s pussy, this IS IT!

I made her play with her pussy in each pair of these before I let her go. I may have had to help a little bit, but then, that’s not really all that hard for me.

Call it a perk!

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