Savana Ginger

I have a list of girls that I’ve never had the opportunity to meet, or be with on or off film. My own personal pussy wish list! Well, not only have we had a lot of you request Savana Ginger, but she has been on that list for some time now. I mean she has to be hot if she has the name “Ginger” anywhere, right? Well now I got to lick her off, and add another notch on my lipstick case! I got my wish fulfilled and ate it too!!! And now all of you that asked for her can have your piece of Savana as well!

Savana GingerSavana has the most amazing tits and areolas I’ve ever seen. If you’re a tit man, then Savana is the girl for you! Check out her work guys and you’ll be hooked. I knew this was going to be fun, but WOW is she FUN! I just couldn’t keep my hands off her and let me tell you…her pussy tastes SOOO sweet (and she says the same about mine)!! We shot and we shot, she got dressed, she got naked, she masturbated for me, then she got naked again. It went on and on and on. The buildup was incredible. I’m so glad that I finally had the “pleasure” of Savana…

I only hope all the rest of the girls on my pussy wish list are half as fun as Savana Ginger! And believe me, I plan on getting thru that list…with your help of course!

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