The Hair That Killed the Pussies

As it turned out, I never left California after my grandfather passed away. First, I got a job at Musicland at the local mall as an assistant manager. Now, in my mind, living in California was going to be magical. I would spend my time at bonfires on the beach, I’d drive a shiny sports car, and I would become famous. The only problem was money. … I had none. My only possessions were the clothes I had brought with me from Illinois and a bright red Capri hatchback. I was working seventy hours a week and bringing home about two thousand dollars a month, which in So-Cal is barely enough to get by. My home was a fifth wheel trailer (minus the truck that pulled it), which sat on the edge of a trailer park right behind a tiny Mexican restaurant. I awoke each day to the wonderful aroma of Mexican foods being cooked for the locals. I had to find a way out of this, and get on with my new glamorous life. So, being the resourceful girl that I am, I bought a newspaper and answered an ad.

Ginger Lynn - Different PussiesLocated in Van Nuys, California, I found World Modeling Agency approximately two hours from my trailer park. The man with the Texas drawl who sat behind the cheap wooden desk in a room filled with wall to wall shag carpeting and fake wood paneling would be my agent for the next two years and three months. I was immediately booked to shoot for Penthouse, but that first shoot would not be for another two weeks. Jim South, this new agent, said he could get me other modeling jobs before my Penthouse shoot if I would like. He said I could work every day if I wanted to … which I immediately wanted to. This meant I would have to give up my day job. So without much in the way of hesitation, I did.

Before my first photo shoot I made the decision that I would be much more popular if I were blonde. Now my natural hair color is chestnut brown leaning on the red side (hence my name “Ginger”). I found many different blonde hair color options at the local drugstore, ultimately going with platinum blonde because it sounded the sexiest, and my new job was to be just that — sexy!

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