The Hair That Killed the Pussies

My two cats (to which I was deathly allergic, come to find out), Sid Vicious and Blondie watched me as I mixed and fixed the thick white goop that would change me into a sex goddess. I applied the product, let it set for the correct amount of time, and began to rinse. As the excess bleach poured into the sink my two pussies thought it would be a good idea to play in the water and bleach mixture in the sink. In a very short period of time, both of my poor pussies got sick from the bleach and died.

Ginger LynnThere is no moral to this story, except maybe don’t let your cats play with hair bleach. But looking back on the shots from that first shoot reminded me, so it must be the most vivid memory of that first time working as a professional nude model. … As far as details go, I believe the photographer was Jerry Pasternak, and I definitely remember feeling sexy and pretty during the shoot. You can let me know what you think after you check out the set. We plan on continuing this sort of journey down Ginger Lynn Lane as we continue to expand the members’ section for everyone to enjoy. I will never forget those of you that can’t afford the fee right now, though. Having been poor, and then not so poor … and then poor, and then not so poor … well, I remember it all.

Most of all, you gotta love the hair.

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