Aubrey Gold

I Love Big Tall Ones

Many of us did not know what we wanted to do in life at the age of 18, and by 19 a significant number might have wanted to travel, own way too many shoes, and work as a professional shopper. But how many of us actually accomplished that? … Oh! And be a marijuana grower. That would be an excellent plan too. … Truth be told, we all found Aubrey Gold particularly endearing for her smiling attitude in these early stages of her “life plan” – and not simply because she created her nom de porn by combining her mom’s former stripper name and her love of gold. … Sometimes you simply don’t have to complicate things all the time. You just have to admire someone that can’t think of anything else to bring to a deserted island after she has her boyfriend, her dog, and weed.


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Aubrey Gold

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