Cameron Canela

I’m a Pornographer

It may seem counter-intuitive, but adult stars being as comfortable with clothes as without don’t come along every day. When you think about it, that actually makes sense, though.  If you want to try an experiment, next time you have a conversation with someone, just strip down while you’re talking and see how differently people begin to treat you as the process continues. In Cameron Canela, you see, Ginger has found a rare treat – a fact it will take you about five seconds into the conversation to discover. Sadly, perhaps, depending upon your membership status, you may not get to hear the tattoo stories, but we can tell you Cameron’s body permanently sports both the Serenity Prayer and a graphic image from Britney Spear’s first album cover.

Some people just make you smile, and we should cherish those people, because the vast majority of folks stir indifference at best; let’s be honest. So as you enjoy the latest in the Blame It on Ginger interview series, just think about how much fun Cameron Canela would be to invite over for dinner. Granted, that might “stir” other feelings besides comfort as well, but those will also be fun.




Cameron Canela

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