Claudia Valentine

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If ask a woman who has been in the adult movie business for a year or two to name something “memorable,” she will rattle off maybe as many as half-a-dozen things in almost no time at all. Pose the same question to a woman who has been making movies for ten years, and she might not be able to think of a single truly memorable moment. As Claudia Valentine aptly demonstrates in this brief sit-down with Ginger, highlights may tend to be whatever semi-unusual thing happened most recently, but the decade of experience does bring a sense of personal calm that you don’t see in people every day. Notably, Claudia gives the same advice to aspiring stars you will hear from anyone having survived in the business for this long: “Save your money. Don’t get too rock ‘n’ roll.” … As for that lack of memorable moments, you may fear? It may seem shocking to the uninitiated, but imagine being one of Claudia’s former partners. That’s gotta hurt.




Claudia Valentine

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