Kendra Cole

Rugged or Thugish

In a perfect world, we would all choose a vocation filled with “weird, and lovely, and kinky, and not creepy” people. We would also develop a sense of self-worth based on positive internal assessment, rather than conventional external forces. Kendra Cole has found such a personal space and seems all the more admirable for it.

In the world of adult movie performers, for example, you will not often hear a woman select her stomach as her favorite body part, yet Kendra ranks that as her sexiest feature. She does drop back a bit toward the conventional with her love of tattoos and muscles – and the open acknowledgement that penis size does in fact “matter” in the sexual equation – but this quiet, almost shy, performer has a thoughtful air that belies her youth. Regardless of her other attributes, Kendra has learned a basic truth in life: “Anything’s easy if you know how to do it. So just learn how to do it.”




Kendra Cole

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