Loni Legend

I Like the Weird Stuff

When you start an interview with a slightly in awe young woman by requesting, “Tell me a secret you’ve never told anyone else before,” well, the poor thing really has no chance at eloquence. Of course when the answer has to do with dreaming of having sex with a cabbage patch doll, you learn a couple of things. First, Loni Legend has a lot of verve while regaining her composure very quickly (despite, perhaps, the blushing). Second, if you buy Loni the right kind of doll, she just might be your friend for life. … One thing about talking with Ginger Lynn, though, no matter how “weird” you might consider your own sexual kinks, Ginger can make you feel a lot better about them – if only by sharing hers. If you like to laugh, you’ll like this one.




Loni Legend

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