Mila Jade

Of Course I Am

Rarely will we see a young woman so openly discuss the industry as a profession, stressing the “performance” aspects of the job over wild sexual abandon. Considering Mila – rhymes with “Feel a” – happened to be born on Earth Day (April 22nd), perhaps we should not be surprised at her grounded nature. Then again, she loves being naked on camera, loves pretending to be someone different, and feels that given a choice all her scenes would be threesomes, simply because they’re more fun. So maybe this business fits Mila well after all. You will never get “typical” out of Mila, certainly. She has the Nike Logo tattooed on her hip because it means “Just Do It,” and underneath “someone’s name” because “they’re a pain my [her] ass.” … Nope. Not typical. Fascinating, though, including the way she encourages other women to test whether they really want to get into adult movies or not. For the record, it has nothing to do with inverted nipples.




Mila Jade

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