Wrangling Kittens

One of the many wonderful and exciting “jobs” that I regularly undertake is that of porn star photographer for my website GingerLynnAuctions.com. Taking erotic photos of the girls is just one of the many responsibilities I’m accountable for when it comes to composing an auction. I’m also the set designer, the stylist, the babysitter, the house mom, the therapist, the best friend, the boss, the editor, the shipper, the receiver and the one accountable to the girls … and the fans who love them. It’s a job that I mostly love, rarely hate and somehow always seem to get turned on by. It may seem glamorous, sensual and stimulating, and most often it is, but there’s always the exception(s) to the rule. 

So let’s talk about what it’s really like being behind the camera shooting some of the most beautiful women in the world in all their glory. For the most part I’ll leave out the stars’ names to protect the innocent and the guilty, but a few of the extraordinary ones must be mentioned.

I’ll start with the easiest, the seven dwarfs …

DOC: Doc is the wise one who truly knows it all, or at least most of it. She’s the woman (most girls do not have this wisdom yet) who saunters onto the set with all of her ducks in order. She’s totally at ease with who she is, with what she does and how she does it. She knows more about sex than the average bear, sometimes even having a degree of some sort in sexuality, sexual health, sex education, nursing, gynecology or all of the aforementioned. One of these sex goddesses is none other than the astonishing Miss Nina Hartley.

GRUMPY: This is the girl who overslept, had a fight with her boyfriend, forgot her makeup, is having a bad hair day, is on her period, hates her job, hates her agent, hates her life and is in the unfortunate position of having the entire world hate her.

HAPPY: One of my favorite girls to shoot! She’s fun, energetic, glad to be there, loves herself, loves life, loves sex and she loves porn. She’s a pleasure to be around, and makes your pussy wet or your dick hard just by being herself. She always wears a smile, even when deep-throating a cock, taking a load on her face or lapping up a sweet pussy. It’s difficult to snatch a single photo of her without seeing her pearly whites. The first girl that comes to mind when I think of happy is the blissful Miss Dillion Harper.

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