Wrangling Kittens

Wrangling Porn KittensWrangling Porn KittensWrangling Porn Kittens

SLEEPY: I’ve only met this girl on a couple of occasions, which was more than enough for me. This is the girl who stayed up all night before the shoot, partied way too much and isn’t quite sure what she is there for or why. My favorite (I use that term loosely) “sleepy” showed up to the set while I was still upstairs prepping for the shoot. I hiked down the stairs only to find her in full makeup (leftover from the night before) sprawled out and passed out on my love seat. She stayed in that unconscious position until she was called to the set. Once in front of the camera, she was totally “on,” except for the ten seconds in between shots where she would take a little snooze. I wasn’t sure if I should take her photo or put her down for a nap.

BASHFUL: Bashful is much more common than you’d expect. She’s shy, slightly uncomfortable and very quiet, which makes bringing out the “sexy” in her very difficult. She’s usually not relaxed with her body, doesn’t feel at ease with her facial expressions and tends to hide her pussy like the truth. This girl either doesn’t last very long, or becomes the flavor of the month due to her innocence.

SNEEZY: Very popular in the eighties, this girl surprisingly still exists. She tends to go to the bathroom a lot, has a never ending runny nose, is jittery and usually has diarrhea of the mouth (and sometimes the tooshy too). It’s difficult to catch her in a stationary position, and many of her photos come out blurry.

DOPEY: I have mixed emotions when it comes to “Dopey.” I love her to death, and at the same time I want to slap her silly. She’s your typical stoner chick. Sometimes she’s loud, laughing hysterically and funny as fuck. Other times she’s leisurely, lazy and running in slow motion. In either scenario I have my work cut out for me. If nothing else, she’s usually very entertaining. Check out my Youtube channel and see if you can find her.

Wrangling Porn KittensWrangling Porn KittensWrangling Porn Kittens


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