Wrangling Kittens

BITCH: Fortunately these are far and few between. She’s mean. She’s demanding. She’s arrogant. She treats people like shit. She’s awful. She’s a bitch, plain and simple.

CUNT: Think of a bitch and magnify the bitchiness by a million. I only know one actual bonafide cunt in the adult industry … can you guess who it is? Sometimes while I’m having sex with a “good girl,” I’ll call her a cunt, but it’s all in fun. 

BARBIE: Barbie is your basic cookie cutter porn star. She has bleached blonde hair, a spray on tan, injected lips that enter the room five minutes before she does, a boob job, ass implants, collagen injections, Botox, permanent fake eyelashes, colored contact lenses and a borrowed personality. Beware! She’s everywhere these days.

Wrangling Porn KittensWrangling Porn KittensWrangling Porn Kittens

MONEY MAKER: This is the girl/woman who knows the power of her pussy, and is not afraid to use it. She makes no excuses for who she is or what she does. She’s successful, smart and sexy as shit. My mind goes straight to Vanessa Blue. Vanessa actually calls her pussy her money-maker. Ya gotta love her, and she’s worth every penny of it.

GAY FOR PAY: A sad but true entity. I say this as I am truly bi-sexual, and become very insulted if you’re licking my pussy but don’t really like to do it. But, the money is decent, so there will always be these disappointments in the porn industry.

PROFESSIONAL: This is one of my favorite types of women. They’re perfect because they love sex, they love success and they work hard while enjoying what they do. Some of them are even millionaires.

Wrangling Porn KittensWrangling Porn KittensWrangling Porn Kittens

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